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On September 21, 2014
I invite you to tune in to Stanley Schmidt's widely-admired internet choral program, "Going Beyond Words". He will present my Passion Oratorio Nou Goth Sonne Under Wode, featuring the UNT Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Dr. Richard Sparks. The program can be heard at KVNO.org at Noon CST -(click on Listen in the upper right hand corner). KVNO is the classical music station associated with the University of Nebraska - Omaha. The broadcast will start with selections from the repertoire of the UNT A Cappella Choir conducted by Dr. Jerry McCoy. More information at Goingbeyondwords.com


Hello and welcome to my web-site! My name is Allan Bevan and I am a Canadian composer, organist and choral conductor. I live in the Toronto area and my great love is composing for choirs.Here you can find out about my music,listen to recordings, and watch some video performances. There is information on individual works and how you can obtain the music from my publishers or your music retailer. There is a section on how to go about commissioning me to write a new piece for you and how to receive complimentary copies of works that you may be interested in performing. There is a link to my "Composer Showcase" at the Canadian Music Centre where additional information and other items reside. Finally, this is the place to ask questions or to just say hello. Please contact me at: allanbevan@cogeco.ca

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If you are new to commissioning you might be asking yourself some of the following questions:

How do I find a composer who will write a work that my choir will enjoy singing? How can I be sure that the composer will be sensitive to the expertise and capabilities of my choir? How long does it take? How much lead time is required? What will it cost? My choir is in Asia and we want something in a language other than English.

Here are some brief guidelines based on my experience that you may find helpful:

1) Know that I will write the best piece I can for you whatever the circumstances. I take a lot of pride in what I write and I do my best to match your needs with my artistic sensibilities.

2) Try to be flexible with the choice of text to be set as it is of the foremost importance. My experience has taught me that if it is the right text I can pretty much guarantee that your new piece will turn out well! That's how important it is! I've never been happy with pieces that I've composed on texts that don't speak to me, and chances are good that you wouldn't be either. So consultation is good and it is useful to have some ideas and alternatives in mind. I can suggest texts based on your occasion too.

3) Tell me about what your choir/ensemble does well and where/if there are weaknesses. Be honest. If the work is for a specific occasion give details as best you can. What kind (if any) of accompaniment is required?

4) Length of time to compose the work varies depending on what you are asking for and how many pieces with deadlines that I'm already committed to. Obviously, a full-scale work for choir and orchestra is a different animal than a three-minute unaccompanied work for unchanged voices. I've composed successful works on rather short notice (beginning in February for an April concert for example!) so always ask - the worst thing that can happen is for me to tell you that I'm unable to take it on!

5) Fee is negotiable - I have a very simple contract -half the fee when work begins is appreciated.





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